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Fresh Coconut Jelly 新鲜椰子果冻 LTU #21

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For such scorching hot conditions , ask to swallow something cooling. Bookmarked this recipe quite sometimes agone but simply didn't instruct inwards to produce it. Until I bought the fresh coconuts for unopen to other dessert , thence why non ane rock hitting two birds heeheehee....

Recipe adapted from Jessie Cooking Moment and Copycake Kitchen with modifications

400ml fresh kokosnoot water
30g caster sugar
3g agar-agar powder
1- two pandan leaves 

adequate fresh kokosnoot meat 

Method :
1. Cook ingredients (A) over low-medium oestrus until hot bubble kickoff edifice upward on the sides of the pan. Stir occasionally.
2. Remove from oestrus as well as proceed to stir for thirty seconds. Let to cool downwardly for v minutes. 
3. Place kokosnoot meat inwards the molds , as well as then pour the aga-aga syrup into molds. Cool downwardly completely.
4. Refrigerate for at to the lowest degree two hours earlier serve.

The jellies are "crispy" , non difficult variety of aga-aga instead a flake fragile. But the texture is simply what I similar , I dun similar jelly or aga-aga that is difficult or "chewy" variety which made of gelatin. These jellies are rattling refreshing as well as thence skillful peculiarly amongst the fresh kokosnoot meats.

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