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No Croutons Required - Late Autumn Edition

Welcome to | Welcome to the Nov 2015 edition of No Croutons Required , a monthly outcome featuring vegetarian soups as well as salads , alternately hosted yesteryear my dearest friend Jacqueline of Tinned Tomatoes as well as myself. This calendar month nosotros accept ix dishes to percentage as well as given the fourth dimension of twelvemonth , squeeze certainly seemed to travel a favourite. As ever , a big thank you lot to all who submitted a recipe. Now onto the mouthwatering soups as well as salads.

Pumpkin Soup

Chef: Kate
Blog: Gluten Free Alchemist
Location: UK

Pumpkin flavor ever makes me happy as well as what improve means to taste it than inwards a soup that is warming as well as comforting. Made amongst munchkin pumpkins that are roasted , amongst about homemade chili ability , coriander , onion , garlic , carrots as well as celery , this beautiful bowl is garnished amongst roasted pumpkin seeds as well as about roasted pumpkin chunks afterward the soup has been pureed.

Pumpkin , Almond as well as Quinoa Soup

Chef: Johanna
Blog: Green Gourmet Giraffe
Location: Australia

Now for about other pumpkin soup as well as this 1 includes quinoa besides for an extra outburst of poly peptide as well as goodness. Certainly this soup volition attention to cheer 1 up. Onion , garlic , celery , carrots , parsnip , capsicum , nutritional yeast , almond butter also brand an appearance as well as this bowl is garnished amongst a drizzle of sriricha as well as fresh herbs. I could non resist this soup. Simply divine.

Warming Butternut Squash as well as Root Vegetable Soup

Chef: Angela
Blog: Only Crumbs Remain
Location: UK

Squash soup only got fancier hither served upward inwards the hollowed squeeze along amongst about crusty bread. Along amongst the butternut squeeze , onion , turnip , potatoes , sweetness potatoes as well as thyme are whizzed together for 1 salubrious bowl of goodness. Yes , please.

Minty Avocado , Watermelon as well as Feta Salad

Chef: Saswati
Blog: Potpourri
Location: India

Now it's fourth dimension to serve upward a refreshing salad. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 fine means to note downwards afterward indulgent vacation binges , watermelon , cucumber , avocado , tomato plant , scarlet onion , feta cheese , fresh mint as well as pomegranate kernels are tossed amongst lime juice as well as olive oil. I'd taste this anytime of year.

Turnip as well as Lentil Salad

Chef: The Veghog
Blog: The VegHog
Location: UK

Turnip is indeed an underappreciated vegetable , but it sure enough stands out hither inwards this lovely salad amongst mixed salad leaves , carrots , puy lentils as well as pistachios all dressed upward amongst onion , white vino vinegar , olive crude , dark treacle as well as thyme. No eggs or croutons required.

butternut squeeze soup
Recipe: Butternut Squash , Chilli as well as Coconut Milk Soup

Chef: Elisabeth
Blog: Easy Peasy Foodie
Location: UK

Now for about other gorgeous squeeze soup. This 1 includes onion , cubed butternut squeeze , garlic , chili flakes , ginger , creamy kokosnoot milk as well as fresh coriander. The garnish of coriander , pumpkin seeds as well as sliced scarlet chili actually brand this a special bowl that would travel ideal to serve to guests , specially served amongst pumpkin seed as well as rye soda bread.

Lentil Salad amongst Rye Berries as well as Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Chef: Lisa
Blog: Lisa's Kitchen
Location: Ontario , Canada

My contribution this calendar month is a flavourful as well as slow to ready lentil salad amongst rye berries , tangy sun-dried tomatoes as well as marinated onion as well as herbs. Served over a bed of babe kale , a consummate repast awaits , specially when served amongst homemade biscuits.

And that concludes the roundup for this month. Jacqueline volition travel hosting the Dec 2015 edition. Check her site for the announcement.