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Snowman Steamed Milk Mantou 雪人牛奶馒头

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Have fun making these cute snowman mantou :D.

Ingredients (yield 940g dough)
500g manifestly flour
130g caster saccharide (can trim 10-15g if yous stimulate got no sugariness tooth)
4g or 1 tsp minute dry out yeast
15g organic kokosnoot crude or whatsoever vegetable oil
300g milk

Method :
1.   Mix all the ingredients inwards the mixing bowl in addition to knead till good combine.
2.   Knead till operate a soft in addition to shine dough , in addition to utilization non stick to the mixing bowl. Proceed amongst kickoff proofing for most l mins or double of the master size
3.   After proofing , punch dough downwards the dough in addition to split upwardly into equal portions. Shape into balls in addition to house onto baking papers. Or form to the wishing patterns.
4.   Proof for simply about other xxx mins or till 1.5 times of the master size
5.   Turn on burn downwards to high oestrus in addition to steam buns / mantou for xx mins
6.   After steaming , plough off fire. Do non opened upwardly the lid immediately. Lift the lid upwardly real slightly in addition to operate along it ajar for five mins earlier removing steamed buns/ mantou.
7.   Cool buns / mantou.

Notes :
·      Use Kitchenaid mixer trounce the dough most xv mins , using 2-4 speed , occasionally speed 6
·      The dough is pasty in addition to soft.
·      Proofing fourth dimension is for reference entirely in addition to should live on adjusted according to room temperature
·      Take banknote of the H2O , dun allow it dry
·      Steamed buns / mantou are soft in addition to sugariness , chewy form of texture.

To brand snowman :
40g body
15g head

50g blood-red color – ii  tsp blood-red yeast color + blood-red coloring
30g greenish – ii tsp greenish tea powder
20g brownish – 2tsp cocoa powder

Notes :
·      Not certain why the snowmans cannot secure in addition to sit down even in addition to so , belike also fat.

·      Do non postulate to proof over again , tin steam forthwith afterward shaping every bit it stimulate got quite a fight of times to utilization the shaping. 
·      accidentally knocked the steaming tray in addition to unaware of it , hence the snowmen came out inwards funny positions.

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