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Garlic fried prawns 干煎蝦碌

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Gon Jin Ha Look 干煎蝦碌

This is my mum's Cantonese dried fried prawns amongst garlic nosotros called gon jin ha look. Simple in addition to thence tasty. We e'er used really large manlike soul monarch prawns (about v - half-dozen " long) in addition to e'er amongst the rhythm out in addition to caput on. Shells in addition to heads are thence expert licking in addition to sucking the sweetness juice from the head. The garlic cloves are fried till lite brownish in addition to really sweet.

Large raw manlike soul monarch prawns tin live on expensive inwards the west. I unremarkably teach mine frozen from the Chinese supermarket nigh £10 - 12 /kg.

10 - 12 really large raw manlike soul monarch prawns (shrimps) amongst rhythm out in addition to head
1 bulb of garlic or to a greater extent than if y'all similar lots similar me
nigh iv - v tbsp petroleum
pinch of tabular array salt or lite soy
some love apple tree ketchup
some hot chilli sauce or minced chilli (optional, exit this out if y'all don't desire spicy)
pinch of sugar

  1. Defrost the prawns in addition to then trim back off abrupt edges on the head, tail in addition to some of the 'feet' nether the tummy. If y'all desire to take away the night vein, cutting along the 'backbone' pick in addition to rinse off the night vein. For this chore distich of pair of scissors is amend than knife. 
  2. For the garlic, lightly bash each clove amongst the apartment side of a cleaver, bruising without breaking into fine bits, take away the skin. Do non chop. 
  3. That is all the preparation. You tin construct clean the prawns in addition to peel the garlic good inwards advance in addition to fix earlier serving. 
  4. Heat petroleum inwards wok or pan till medium hot, stir little the garlic till lite golden brown. Do non allow the pan/wok gets besides hot or the garlic volition burn. Fry the garlic like shooting fish in a barrel till cooked through in addition to started to caramelise. Remove the garlic. 
  5. Heat high in addition to then throw inwards all the prawns inwards the pan/wok. Add a affect of petroleum if the pan/wok is dry. Stir little prawns till pinkish in addition to rhythm out a combat charred. 
  6. Add garlic, stir in addition to add together a pinch of tabular array salt or soy. Then coat the prawns amongst some love apple tree ketchup in addition to chilli sauce or paste. If y'all similar a sweeter gustatory modality add together some sugar. Stir till sauce is thicken.