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Stir fried pork as well as cucumber amongst xanthous edible bean sauce 炒黃瓜醬

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Chow hwang gua jiang 炒黃瓜醬

Most people accept cucumber raw or pickled, I beloved stir fried cucumber.

This is a uncomplicated stir tike but the recipe is non that common. The master copy recipe is from Ching Imperial kitchen especially made for Empress Dowager Cixi every bit condiment or side dish. Traditional  raw vegetable pickle was usually served but because Doweger had a tender tummy, her chef made this cooked condiment/side chao hwang gua jiang, especially to whet her appetite thence she could savor the residuum of her meal.

This stir tike recipe in addition to ingredients are actually simple; mind ingredients are pork, cucumber in addition to yellowish edible bean sauce.

I bought this tub of yellowish edible bean sauce old agone been important to route examination this. The English linguistic communication quest this sauce is soy edible bean glue but inwards Chinese it is douban jiang 豆瓣醬 (confusing?). This douban jiang is non the same Sichuan chilli edible bean paste. There is no chilli it is only fermented soy beans i.e. yellowish edible bean sauce. The sauce is much darker than most yellowish edible bean sauces I accept come upward across. Nice fermented soy fragrance in addition to quite tasty alongside an undertone of fermented dark beans, dousi.

I used this fermented edible bean glue for this stir tike recipe. The pork in addition to cucumber coated alongside the sauce was tasty, sum of flavor in addition to cucumber was crunchy. I accept it alongside apparently rice in addition to cipher else. Simple meal.

Regarding the sauce. I volition purchase this light-green in addition to yellowish tub sauce again. I similar it. If y'all are interested to larn a tub, most large Chinese supermarkets inwards London volition accept it or online from Wai yee Hong. (I am non making a advertising advertisement for this production or where this tin hand the sack be sourced. I only similar to  spread the give-and-take when I discovery an cistron I like)

The recipe

1 large cucumber almost 500g
1 heap tsp salt
almost 300 pork (about two - three loin pork slices), improve alongside some white fatty on
two tsp cornflour (cornstarch)
two tsp low-cal soy
three - iv tbsp yellowish edible bean sauce similar the i higher upward or other authentic yellowish edible bean sauce (not local supermarket brands similar bluish dragon)
almost two tbsp chopped ginger
almost three tbsp chopped bound onion (scallion) from the white part
dash of Chinese cooking wine
two - three tsp sugar
a piffling cooking oil

  1. Cut the cucumber lengthwise into quarters. Trim off the soft core. Cut the cucumber into 1 - 1.5cm pieces. Mix alongside common salt in addition to exit it for almost xv - xx minutes to depict out some of the juice. Rinse the cucumber to withdraw salt. Drain.
  2. Cut pork fatty into modest pieces. Cut the thin meat into 1cm cubes. Mix thin meat alongside low-cal soy sauce in addition to cornflour. Leave for almost xv minutes.
  3. Chop bound onion in addition to ginger.
  4. Stir tike the pork fatty alongside a piffling cooking stone oil till most of the fatty is rendered in addition to pork fatty is chocolate-brown inwards colour. Add thin pork, stir tike till lightly browned. 
  5. Add bound onion in addition to ginger. Continue stirring for a piffling while.
  6. Turn oestrus downward to medium. Add yellowish edible bean sauce stir thence add together dash of cooking wine. Keep stirring till fragrant. Make certain the oestrus is non also potent or the edible bean sauce volition stick to the wok in addition to becoming burnt. 
  7. Stir inwards the cucumber, stir till warm through in addition to hold upward add together some saccharide to taste.